The Ire in my Fire

The ire in my fire

For years – since I started writing – I had railed against people like Jeff Sessions, like Jerry Falwell, about the intentions of the right.
For years I’d talked about The Koch Brothers, the ambitions of the religious, etc.
I grew up in that stuff.
People like to call me angry, they like to point at how cutting my words can be, but I can guarantee you – I didn’t get this way on my own.
I grew up in that world. I know those people. I know the way they think and I was subjected to them and their beliefs. I paid for it in flesh.
While I am encouraged by people standing up, I am discouraged by those who are suddenly aware of the world at the moment – after people like me had been jumping up and down trying to warn you of what was coming.
The religious right isn’t looking for a government that is what you’re familiar with. They are trying to set up the kingdom of God on earth or creating an environment that would bring about that. They don’t believe in democracy. They want a biblical monarchist system.
This is what’s so dangerous about our version of religious extremism.
There has been talking about fear of A Caliphate from radical Islam being set up here but understand these people want to set up the same thing, here.
And we’ve seen a world – in history – where great religions and politics were combined – it was called the dark ages for a reason.
Furthermore, something my husband brought up – is the superficiality of our political awareness. All we do is reiterate into the void the same thing that is being pushed around by media outlets. No one is bothering to learn how the system works, or, they would stop about what CNN wrote and start talking about the issues bubbling under the surface no one is willing to talk about. And that is the realignment of political groups into opposing parties. The U.A.W and the AFL-CIO didn’t do as much when it come to gay rights as say, Google, Apple, these massive corporations that those on the left disparage.
The UAW and the AFL-CIO is interested in protectionism – while the liberal elite is interested in Globalism and the free-flowing exchange of ideas.
Those that work for these unions are usually poor, religious, working class people who at the end of the work week – expect a paycheck that equally balances out the amount of work they’re doing.
That’s why the blue wall, fell. Donald Trump promised them that their jobs would be in place. It’s easy to say – well, they have to get better jobs or go back to school. When a massive voting bloc just flipped you the bird and said, “no. We’re not.”
Texas told my husband’s company that they can fire him if their religious stance is offended by his presence. His company, a massive corporation, said ‘no, we have nondiscriminatory policies and we won’t be doing that.”
All of this simply results in political exasperation because no one feels at home, anymore, in their respective parties. Because the parties no longer represent the interests of its people.
All we’re doing is muddying the water so that no one can identify the problems in government – so they can change it.
Right now, with our globalist ambitions feeding into the free-flowing exchange of ideas – all we have is a bunch of shouting that does nothing but make the situation more opaque than what it needs to be.
So all people do is blame the government for not being what it was never intended to be and the keys to the kingdom are handed over to a tyrant who says he can fix all our problems. That’s exactly what happened in Rome.
That;s what makes me angry. That’s what sets me on fire and puts the bite into my speech. Is that someone stood here shouting – watch what you’re doing and no one paid any attention. People were dismissed as angry.
It is that superficiality that allows the aforementioned to make political gains because there exists so much confusion no one knows who to vote for or who they should be aligned with.

F.E. Feeley Jr

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