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Kevin Klehr

April 21, 2017

It gives us great pleasure to welcome back Kevin Klehr as the guest on episode 108: Always Come with Cake!

This week Kevin Klehr returns to talk about his new novel From Top to Bottom, his foray into erotica, his new publisher Nine Star Press, and then Kevin drops tips for writers.

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Kevin lives with his long-term partner, Warren, in their humble apartment (affectionately named Sabrina), in Australia’s own ‘Emerald City,’ Sydney.

From an early age Kevin had a passion for writing, jotting down stories and plays until it came time to confront puberty. After dealing with pimple creams and facial hair, Kevin didn’t pick up a pen again until he was in his thirties. His handwritten manuscript was being committed to paper when his social circumstances changed, giving him no time to write. Concerned, his partner, Warren, snuck the notebook out to a friend who in turn came back and demanded Kevin finish his novel. It wasn’t long before Kevin’s active imagination was let loose again.


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February 12, 2016

 NatTheNewYorker_cvr_100dpi-210x330DramaQueensLoveScenes_100dpi_cvr-210x330DramaQueensAdultThemes_100dpi_cvr-210x330 It gives us great pleasure to announce Kevin Klehr as the guest on Episode 043: Life is a Cabaret.
Join us as we talk with Kevin about trusting your editor, contracts and how to read them, what equality and mainstream mean to a queer author, turning a trope on its head and the international Con experience.
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