SA Collins – aka “Baz”

SA Collins
SA Collins

SA Collins hails from the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives with his (legal) husband, their daughter and, wonder of all wonders because he only just broke 50, a whirlwind of a granddaughter (pictured below). Along with two exotic looking cats, they happily live out the Republican Neo-Con nightmare. Their home is filled with laughter and love whilst shouting at the top of their lungs (or very near to) – something that causes great aggravation to the hubby who prefers solemn quietude (he’s seldom rewarded for his wishes – though he tries). Science and knowledge reign supreme in their home and no topic is too sacred to discuss. In their near 20 years together they’ve (truly) not had a single argument – so they must be doing something right.

When not consumed with writing, Mr. Collins is a classically trained singer and has performed with several opera and operetta companies throughout California. His tastes in music, the arts and with food are varied and eclectic. He can’t think of any other way to be. It’s the variety of life that sparks the imagination, after all. In his day to day life, he wrestles with computers, servers and networks to keep things afloat in between his writings – though he often wishes things were simpler and less technically inclined. A good pen and a nice piece of paper would be just lovely – thank you very much.

This is Mr. Collins’ first foray into writing but, as with all of his artistic endeavors, he plunges in and figures it out as he goes. It’s worked thus far (with a little elbow grease and some ingenuity), so why break a winning formula?


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