Vance Bastian

Vance Profile Pic

Vance Profile Pic

About me:
Campfire Podcast: for chapter-a-day narrated fiction.

I’m just a guy. Really.

I write fiction. More interestingly I narrate all kinds of works.

I love dogs. I’m allergic to cats, but find them endlessly fascinating.

I love my gym time. As in, I actually love challenging myself to get stronger. Conversely, my inner introvert is terrified of locker rooms. FML.

If I could be any supernatural archetype I’d be a… werewolf shaman, a wizard, or a mischievous sidhe. Can’t pick just one. Sorry.

I love D&D, Superhero RPGs, and video games based on those two genres.

I also like guys. If you ever find a gay superheroes in D&D video game – hook me the mother-truckin’ hell up.

I swear in my fiction. I may eventually drop an f-bomb on this podcast. Until then, I’ll try to keep it a little clean.

I’ll probably fail to keep it clean.