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May 31, 2019

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Tarian PS back as the guest on Episode 218 – I’ve Developed a Healthy Crush on Life!

Tarian PS comes back to the show to talk about the work he’s doing on his brother’s books as well as his own, the craft of storytelling, and a perspective on life after transitioning.

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Both Proud Indy Authors, twins Talon and Tarian love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign language, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box definitions, and have even been known to throw in some new word creations of their own at times. This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing for them a joy {joy: n. see mental illness}.

However, the final product comes out as richly detailed as we believe all stories should be created: holographic worlds of love, pain, frustration, and challenges beyond the every day. We believe a good story should take you on an emotional ride, pluck your heart strings, and zing you about until you’re dizzy and screaming at the antagonist, while cheering for the protagonist before returning you to your cozy reading spot. And we’ve created these adventures within a mix of genres, so you can find the one right for you: Gay & Het Romances, Suspense, Paranormal and Sci-Fi Erotic Romances, War-time Romance Fictions, along with Talon’s favorite Space Sci-Fi Frontiers, and Tarian’s favorite works of Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies and Historical Fantasies. All for readers to submerse themselves into and escape from their day when they need or desire, and to whet your appetite for more.

“A true Story Teller doesn’t deliver a product, they take you on an experience.” ~ Tarian P.S.

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