Make the Most of Your Podcast Experience

Welcome to the WROTE Podcast family!

There are many ways you can leverage your podcast episode to increase the reach of your platform. Here are just a few ideas:


  • Create a Facebook Event for the air date of your podcast. It never hurts to have the Facebook engine reminding fans and friends to tune in to your story.
  • Not every social media site has an event or calendar option, but others like Google+ do as well. Some social media apps (like Crowdfire) also allow you to pre-schedule notices and posts. Make good use of those automated reminders to your fans.
  • Let your publicist, publisher, editor, marketer or anyone else on your professional book team know it’s coming. After all, promoting your work also promotes their work.


  • You will get a chance to listen to the rough cut before it airs. Take notes on things you can ask people in social media to encourage discussions.  “Did you agree when I said…” or “Will you be going to Convention X where I’ll have a table?”
  • We will give you a link to your permanent page on our website. It will be built on this format:  This page will have links to your social media, where they can buy your work, and all of the listening channel options (iTunes, Stitcher,,, and Soundcloud at the moment). If you share THIS link, listeners will be able to choose the one they use most.


  • Attend your Facebook. You could offer a live Q&A for that event’s duration. An hour is typical, but set the timing to best fit your schedule.
  • Announce it everywhere!  Spread the link to your author page on our podcast far and wide.
  • Think Strategically. This is evergreen content regarding you and your work. So you can always refer people to that link. So when there’s marketing to be done, or people want a “get to know the author” you can send them to your podcast page.
  • Mine for Interview Content. You may not realize it, but you could transcribe parts of it into a ready-to-go interview for when the media comes a’knocking.
  • Emotional Connection Through Sharing. I know that I personally have a difficult time thinking anyone would want to know anything about little old me. That tends to be a common theme among authors. And yet, the demand for bonus content and extra special features is supremely high. Think about how it feels to have the “inside scoop.” Additionally, our voices are one of the most key features in developing emotional connections. So offer this inside scoop to your friends and fans and those relationships will strengthen.

If ever you have questions, please feel free to ask!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining the WROTE family!

– Jayne, Baz, and Vance