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Benjamine Lester

October 16, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Benjamine Lester as the guest on Episode 290 – Who Doesn’t Like Sexy Big Men in Their Underwear?

Benjamine Lester shares his figure skating-to-figure painting story, and we discuss the artist’s role in promoting body positivity and mental health awareness.

On our NEW YouTube channel, we have the visual of this great conversation with examples of Benjamine’s incredible work.

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A Texas artist known for his use of color and uniquely masculine tone, Benjamine Lester uses his experience to describe modern masculinity as being expressive, careful and creative. A Modern figurative painter, he has shown in prestigious galleries such as Plano Arts and Humanities Gallery, The Grand Theater Art Gallery in Lewisville, Texas. He has earned multiple awards including; Winner of the NRH Arts Exhibition and CCAN Arts Exhibition.

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Kit Thomas

December 13, 2019

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Kit Thomas as the guest on Episode 246 – I Had My Own Parade!

Kit Thomas joins us for a deep discussion about growing up Native, finding art, the power of saying yes, creating works that fight for social justice, and a new project she is brainstorming to bridge the gap between Natives and Non-Natives via her art.

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Kit Thomas is a Los Angeles based two-spirited visual artist, influencer, and drag performer. She has been honing her skills for the last decade. Her main focus is painting, and she also expresses herself through digital art. Marketing herself on social media has paved the way for many opportunities including showcasing with RAW Artists and being featured in a Jubilee Media video. As a two-spirit, Kit’s pronouns are she/her and he/him.

While dabbling with watercolor and acrylic, she has blended symbols from her indigenous roots and elements from her travels across the U.S. Kit is part of the wolf clan within the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe of Akwesasne. As a member of the Haudenosaunee alliance, also known as the Iroquois Confederacy, she grew up on the Akwesasne reservation located in both Canada and the U.S. Kit’s recent evolution from acrylic on canvas to digital art has given her another avenue for bringing awareness to important social issues.

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Sergio Hildago-Campos

August 24, 2018

It gives us great pleasure to welcome
Sergio Hildago-Campos as the guest on Episode 178 – Never Too Late
(Special Bilingual Edition)
English from 00:00 playback
Spanish from 11:00 time mark

Mexican Graphic Artist, Sergio Hildago-Campos, joins us to discuss his burgeoning portfolio, his views on cultural art, and the economics of producing art in a country that has a rich heritage and a unique form of expression.

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Movie Portfolio of Sergio’s Artwork (Available for commissions!)



Sergio Hidalgo-Campos was born in October of 1987 in the small city of Morelos, Mexico. He has two brothers and one sister older. He’s lived in that area all his life. You could say it’s a small place, but it has a lot of history!

His career as an artist began only recently, deciding to start in this amazing world three years ago, uploading  and showing his works on Instagram. He’s taken drawing courses, additionally teaching himself by watching videos and reading books. Thanks to social networks he has sold his works both locally and in other countries.

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Michael Broderick

July 15, 2016


JBScoversIt gives us great pleasure to announce Michael Broderick as the guest on episode 066: A List of Things I’m Not Getting From Porn!

Join us as we discuss his artistic journey, how he came to draw what he didn’t see in the world around him, studying art vs. the business of art, book covers as a brand, his other works for sale, and Erotic Art – Because Porn Doesn’t Give Us Everything We Want.

You can buy from Michael’s gallery here:

Some of Michael’s personal work includes:

We Move as One

We Move as One

My Creation

My Creation

Some of his book cover work includes:


His piece “YEAR OF THE RAM” is part of the traveling art show “STROKE”



Michael Broderick was born in a dreary little burg in upstate New York. Despite the shrill consternation of his decidedly mainstream parents, an insatiable passion for his sister’s Fashion Plates consumed his childhood and the traditional red blooded propensities for cars and football never developed. The Fashion Plates mysteriously disappeared one summer while Michael was at camp, the Style-Me Barbie head ran away with the spoon, and, to this day, everyone in Michael’s family swears the pink Play-Doh never existed.

Denied those modes of expression, Michael, like most little gay boys stranded in the god-forsaken suburbs, turned to movies and television for solace. Adolescence had lifted a curtain and the strobe of flickering screens, large and small, illuminated a procession of square-jawed gods who fought, loved, and occasionally danced across the boards of young Michael’s burgeoning sexuality. Hunks like Mike Henry, John Gavin, Guy Madison, Gene Kelly, and Sean Connery thrilled while making love to sirens like Lana Turner and Joan Crawford in exotic locales but there was one missing component: an overtly gay context.

Fortunately, Michael wasn’t just ogling—he was inspired. He collected a smile, cataloged a stance, captured a pair of roguish eyes and locked them away until he was able to flee the middle American wasteland, move to New York and get a BA in Graphic Art and Drawing. With each piece Michael seeks to conjure the situations absent from those nights by the fire presenting a revisionist history of sorts for those of us who grew up gay in America.

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