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Christopher Duquette

September 18, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Christopher Duquette as the guest on Episode 286 – I Call Myself Discohead!

Christopher Duquette shares his three memoirs, the most recent of which is Off Balance in the Spin Cycle, and dives into “a true-life road to recovery and the tales in between.”

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Born in 1958 Northern California, and uprooted to attend public school in Upstate, New York, Christopher remained in social exile until escaping to SUNY @ Stony Brook at 18 yrs., where he got most of his education dancing in NYC clubs. He moved to Manhattan upon graduation, where he lived, advanced in the corporate world, and danced in clubs for twenty-four years until bottoming-out. Christopher became a man after a fresh start in the Hudson Valley, trying to do the next right thing. He’s now in a committed relationship with the long-time love of his life, Storm Orion.

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