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At The Crossroads of Queer Storytelling

September 23, 2016

Join Baz and Vance  on episode 076: The Crossroads of Queer Storytelling!

This week your hosts Baz and Vance step away from books and examine how the spectrum of diverse characters is handled in comics, on television, in movies, and in music.


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Words and Errata – Ep 003

On deck this ep-

Just completed recording our 3M/Musketeers podcast with a very warm and engaging author – Brandon Witt.

I muse over my thoughts after coming out of that recording session with:

1) Fear of the mic
2) Author realities vs. imagination in our works
3) Reviews (the bane of every author- a necessary evil)
4) Struggles with World Building as an author
5) Gay men’s realities and fiction writing about us
6) Dark Themes in Gay Fiction
7) The tone and voice our podcast is finding one ep to the next