We at the Written on the Edge podcast are grateful for the family-in-spirit that has grown up around the idea of our stories of love, life, and living to the fullest.

As you bebop through your holiday this year, we’d like to show our gratitude with a little cheer. Twelve cheers, actually. Delivered to you in the mornings as daily half-hour stories through the end of December.

Set your listening app to automatic download. You may find a new author whose works you’ll love, or be treated to a new tale from a favorite storyteller.

We only ask that you spread the love and tell people about the authors and stories you hear this year.

Warm, safe, and happy holidays from all of us at the WROTE Podcast!

2. The Holiday Spirit Dec 15 – Turtledoves Carole Cummings
3. Trois Poules Françaises Dec 16 – French Hens Freddy MacKay
4. Trouble Sits Down for Dinner Dec 17 – Calling Birds Pat Henshaw
5. Five Rings Dec 21 – Gold Rings Jamie Fessenden
6. Six Geese Laid Dec 22 – Geese a-Laying (Winter Solstice) A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
7. Seven Swans Dec 23 – Swans a-Swimming Albert Nothlit
8. Full Moon to Manhattan Dec 24 – Maids a-Milking (Christmas Eve) Jayne Lockwood
9. Midwinter Dancing Dec 28 – Ladies Dancing (mid-Kwanzaa) Angel Martinez
10.  Ten Dec 29 – Lords a-Leaping J. Scott Coatsworth
11. Piping Through the Night Dec 30 – Pipers Piping A. M. Burns
12. En Pointe Dec 31 – Drummers Drumming (New Year’s Eve) SA “Baz” Collins

By Vance