August 23, 2019

The Homos of Harmony Haven cover
It gives us great pleasure to welcome Andrew Schulz as the guest on Episode 230 – She Has to Have Her Stories On!

Andrew Schulz reveals how watching vintage soap operas influenced his serialized fiction, The Homos of Harmony Haven (think Tales of the City-ish and you’ve got the idea)!

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Andrew Schulz was born in Indianapolis, IN and began writing at the age of seven. Due to his love of soap operas and classic Doctor Who, he followed their format by writing every story as a serial. After a twenty year detour as an actor in both theater and television, he received his master’s degree from The Actors Studio Drama School where he was encouraged to create his own stories. When battling mental illness, he found himself unable to continue his creative life on stage and returned to his roots of writing, using many of the techniques he’d learned at The Actors Studio. His first full-length novel, The Homos of Harmony Haven, was originally released in a serialized format January-June of 2019. He is hard at work on Book 2 of the series and expects to have it released in 2020.

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