September 4, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Jude Tresswell as the guest on Episode 287 – A Tiny Little Box I Hadn’t Ticked!

Jude Tresswell joins us to discuss her County Durham Quad Series, her Scar Ghyll Levels works, ACE representation from an ACE author, Ace love in a polyamorous relationship, found family, and other complications when writing about this part of the queer spectrum.

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  • Scar Ghyll Levels, a historical short story about two miners in an ace/non-ace relationship was always intended to be spoken. The video is complete with 200 photographs.


Jude has written six novels featuring her crime-prone, all-male, North East England quad and she still doesn’t know what the characters look like. Hence the silhouettes on the books’ covers. She’s pretty sure that her Q+ labels are ace and aegosexual. She doesn’t even like to read about other women, let alone write about them—it’s too close to self-participation—but, although never present in body in the stories, she is often there in mind, especially when she writes about compromise. Being an ace who has been long married to a non-ace man, she reckons she’s an expert on relationships involving compromise.

She blogs regularly, has a YouTube channel (only one upload as Covid scuppered her plans), and is happy scrabbling in mining-spoil heaps, indulging in her love of geology and industrial history.

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