December 22, 2017

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Meredith King as the guest on Episode 143: You Can’t Get Happier Than Happy!!

This week Meredith King joins us to talk about what Diverse Reader is and what they offer, as well as give some insight into successful vs. not-so-successful promotion!

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Meredith is the owner of Diverse Reader. Through determination she has watched it grow into a huge promotional and review site for the LGBTQA community. Through the years the staff has grown and so have the books.

She lives in the north east and is forever a city girl. Meredith is married to a man with a lot of patience and has three amazing children that light up her life. After many years this avid reader and reviewer has finally published her debut book, Snow Falling, under the pen name Davidson King.

The LGBTQ community has become her family and has helped her grow as a person and a writer. She’s made many friends and many that she knows will be lifelong.

She loves coffee, elephants, sunflowers, books, and wine. Often times you won’t find her without her phone or Kindle in hand. As busy as she is she wouldn’t give any of it up for anything.

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