February 5, 2021

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Mike Munich as the guest on Episode 306 – Choose Your Own Adventure!

Mike Munich shines in a FABULOUS conversation on finding our inner divas! As a queer performer and healer, Mike leads a thought provoking and humorous exploration into why divas are so important to queer culture and how harnessing yours can lead to a more healthy life.

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Mike is a double Gemini with a Sagittarius rising, he’s never not lip synching, and his diva is Kylie Minogue. But more importantly, Mike is your permission— your permission to be weird, to feel all of your feelings, and to wear a wig on a Tuesday afternoon. As a dancer and musician, he’s been using the power of music to heal, release, and express since childhood. Music is his driving force. After a decade in the entertainment industry, Mike discovered a theme running through both his personal and professional lives. By surrendering to his truth as a queer artist (ie: giving zero fucks), Mike had inadvertently given his friends and followers the permission to be do the same. Today, Mike lives his life as this beacon of freedom, hoping to inspire those around him to unlock that power within. STARDUST was created to bring this freedom to you.

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