April 10, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Reuben ‘Tihi’ Hayslett as the guest on Episode 263 – Become A Shapeshifter!

Reuben ‘Tihi’ Hayslett debuts his first novel, Dark Corners. We discuss the fine lines between fully fleshed out queer PoC characters and the paper doll variety previously taking up the mainstream media.

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Debut author Reuben “Tihi” Hayslett confronts identity politics, racism and homophobia in his debut short story collection “Dark Corners,” (89 pages) which has been selected by Kirkus Reviews as best book of the year (2019). Reuben, himself Multiracial, fundamentally centers “Dark Corners” on QPOC (queer people of color) as protagonists in ways often not seen in mainstream media, producing a book that is “intersectional” fiction, meaning politics, political identity, race, and sexual orientation are interwoven within each story.

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