July 31, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Ruby Walker as the guest on Episode 279 – Eff-It I’ll Try!

Ruby Walker shares her recent release, Advice I Ignored, which jump-starts a thought provoking conversation about queer youth and mental health issues.

Warning Note: When you hear the warning at 17:57, you can skip to 27:50 if the topic is one you’d rather avoid.

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Ruby Walker is eighteen, and is not depressed anymore. She got pretty tired of saying that, but she wrote and illustrated a book about it, so it’s kind of hard to avoid at this point. Ruby writes for fellow professional over-thinkers and imperfect slobs. She likes to brighten people’s days and bully her friends into respecting themselves more.

Yes– to Ruby’s horror, she’s turned from a local disaster into a mom friend.

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