August 25, 2023

It gives us great pleasure to present a Season 8, Episode 36 Interview – C.H. Williams

C.H. Williams joins us to share his love of the dark side of fairy tales that have a radiance of queer joy! We discuss his character-driven works, the random-factor he used to write One of a Thousand Names, and the multi-era span of his overarching Merchant Series!

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C.H. Williams is a fantasy author and illustrator living in the Mid-Atlantic with his husband, a very spunky dog, and two troublesome cats. With a repertoire of character-driven high fantasy novels, his writing couples the darker side of fairy tales with the radiance and joy of queer love. When not causing trouble or spending time doing foundry work with his husband, he can be found walking in the woods and listening to music. Before delving into the realms of magic, he worked as a classical musician, actively performing and conducting research about musicians’ relationship to gender. He has since pivoted to legal work during the day and writing dark, contemplative fantasy at night.
His writing touches on the soft, small moments of magic made when we cultivate our gardens amid the storms, and on the immensity of experience as he explores character-driven stories that play out realistic decisions and consequences of a fantastical universe.

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