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A.E. Ross

January 5, 2018

It gives us great pleasure to welcome A.E. Ross as the guest on Episode 145: Hey I Can Do This!!

This week A.E. Ross joins us to talk about their first novel, Run in the Blood, coming to novel-writing from screen- and animation writing, and writing that represents non-binary identities, mental health, and chronic illness!

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A.E. Ross grew up in a small town on a medium-sized island on the West Coast of Canada with two older brothers.

They received a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Victoria in 2009, and a Diploma in Screenwriting from Vancouver Film School in 2010.

They currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. where they work as an Associate Producer for Kickstart Entertainment, as well as a freelance writer and story-editor.

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Review of Domald Tromp, Pounded In The Butt etc. by Chuck Tingle



I know Chuck Tingle has his dissenters, but I thought this was a well-written, damning indictment of modern American politics, the latest instalment in the life story of Donald Trump.

Oh wait ….

Seriously, this was a satirical look at fictional Commander In Chief, Domald Tromp, who cannot seem to get his act together in this latest episode, and makes bad decision after bad decision, to the point where he has to be taught a lesson by his Russian T Rex cohort on the golf course (where else?)

I have no idea whether this is clever satire or not, but I found it pretty funny and surprisingly readable. And the sex was hot too. Totally gratuitous, making no sense at all, but jolly and buttock-punishingly enthusiastic. I mean, who isn’t going to love a book entitled “Pounded In The Butt By His Fabricated Wiretapping Scandal made up to direct focus away from his seemingly endless unethical connections TO RUSSIA?'” Possibly one person, I’m guessing.

And credit to Chuck for getting this book out WITHIN HOURS of the story breaking. I imagine him lurking on the internet like some malevolent spider, just waiting for tasty morsels to come his way. And when they do, boy does he have fun with them. Never underestimate the Tingle…

Finally, if Chuck Tingle reads this, please now write a book with the title Filo Fiannopoulos Slammed In the Butt By His White Male Privilege and Grossly Overinflated Ego. Just a thought.

I’m now off to Google search cream pies…


FORMERLY the 3 M/Musketeers Podcast

We’ve just unveiled a more appropriate podcast name!  WROTE – Written On The Edge aims to be more inclusive of ALL LGBTQ storytelling across all genres and in all mediums.

Why’d we change? Well, in talking with our guests about all of their works, we discovered that limiting our brand to just Male/Male romance wasn’t fair.  It certainly wasn’t indicative of the amazing stories that are being told.

So welcome to a podcast that highlights storytellers from all parts of the LGBTQ spectrum!


Seeking Contributors

The 3 M/Musketeers is a collaborative podcast. We invite authors and readers to get in on the conversation. We’ll be covering the business of writing, including the fun and foibles of putting work out into the world and discovering and enjoying it.

Authors – How do you do what you do? Care to share a shameless self-plug? Want to debate current topics, or points in past episodes?

Readers – Do you feel passionate enough to present a reader’s position? Do you want to tell us what you’re looking for in the next great read?

We want to hear all of your voices. Join this forum of exchange. Click on our Contact link and send us your information so we can work you into the mix!