The 3 M/Musketeers is a collaborative podcast. We invite authors and readers to get in on the conversation. We’ll be covering the business of writing, including the fun and foibles of putting work out into the world and discovering and enjoying it.

Authors – How do you do what you do? Care to share a shameless self-plug? Want to debate current topics, or points in past episodes?

Readers – Do you feel passionate enough to present a reader’s position? Do you want to tell us what you’re looking for in the next great read?

We want to hear all of your voices. Join this forum of exchange. Click on our Contact link and send us your information so we can work you into the mix!

By Vance

3 thoughts on “Seeking Contributors”
  1. I would love to be a part of this podcast. As an author of M/M fiction with heavy influences of science fiction, there is a lot I have learned regarding the conception of what really is ‘mainstream’ and just how many compromises one must be willing to make in order to appeal to a broader audience without sacrificing artistic integrity. I also have several stories coming out this year, and a full-length novel next year, which I would be very glad to discuss!

    1. Great! Thanks for getting in touch. It will be good to chat with you. If you could fill out the simple form under “Want To Join The Conversation” I’ll send out some info to you.


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