December 24, 2021

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Emory Easton as the guest on Season 6, Episode 51 – I’m Not That Person Someone Told Me I Was

Emory Easton joins us to share her debut memoir Mother, Can You Hear Me Now? We talk about her early years of abuse, her recovery, and her happy ending as a grandmother alongside her true love of 36 years.

Reach out to Emory:

  • If you are being abused and need someone to talk to, Emory has asked that you email her at emoryeaston86 @ (remove spaces) and she will listen, and try to help you find the help you need to rewrite your life’s story.

Mentioned in this episode:


Emory Easton is a writer and mother based in Illinois where she lives with her partner of thirty-six years. Her debut memoir, Mother, Can You Hear Me Now? tackles the abuse she endured as a child and the love she rediscovered as an adult.

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