Jeff Jacobson


May 20, 2016

It gives us great pleasure to announce Jeff Jacobson as the guest on episode 058: No Longer A Bratty Dilettante!
Join us as we discuss his writing journey, YA Novels – what’s allowed and what’s not, witch tropes, stockholm syndrome and witches – who knew?, and the dangers of teaching pulp culture refs to non-English speakers.

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Jeff Jacobson was born in Seattle in 1968, and grew up enchanted by the lush landscape, the long summer days, and the short winter nights of the Pacific Northwest.

Once, when he was a wee kindergartner, his grandmother let slip that she was a “modern witch, who flew on a vacuum cleaner over his house at night to protect him.”

Jeff had seen her vacuum cleaner. The cord wasn’t long enough to reach his house.

But in bed that night, left alone with creaky sounds and branches scraping over window frames, he decided that having a witch for a grandmother wasn’t such a bad thing. Even if it weren’t true…

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